4. Plan organizational changes

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Once the UNCT has developed its integrated programme and operations strategy for the UN system in the country, it should review specific aspects of the organization to help ensure the UN system is ready to implement the strategy. Key aspects of the organization that may be impacted are: (i) harmonized business practices; (ii) organizational structures; (iii) staff capacities and skills; (iv) performance management and incentives; and (v) organizational culture and values.
In most cases the UNCT will not conduct all of the analyses in Step 4 and should, therefore, prioritize which specific activities to pursue. In some areas—most notably being capacity assessment and the staff survey—external resources will be required due to confidentiality/neutrality reasons or capacity reasons (some analyses require effort/time beyond what UN staff may be able to commit to).
The main activities in this step are:
4.1 – Conduct a high-level business process review
4.2 – Identify and plan changes to organizational structures (e.g., inter-agency programme groups)
4.3 – Identify capacity requirements and develop a human resources plan to meet them
4.4 – Develop revisions to the performance management system
4.5 – Develop a plan for adjusting culture and behavior

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